Writing a Sales Copy that Sells: What Elements Should You Focus On?

There are usually certain techniques and elements used on sales pages that make them more effective and appealing to the end user. Writing a great sales copy is by no means an easy task. You need to focus on so many areas to ensure that they convert well. It’s in fact a challenge for copywriters. So, what are the key elements you should focus? Here are some tips for writing a great sales copy:

Personalize the opening

sales-pagePersonalize your sales copy for the reader. There are many reasons why this is so effective. It puts the reader at ease and makes them feel comfortable. You want to make every reader feel special and feel like you’re just appealing to them. In reality, there may be hundreds or even thousands of different people visiting your sales page a day.

A lot of times the first thing that you can do is address it to the reader. Say something along the lines of ‘Dear friend’ or ‘Dear frustrated marketer’ or whatever you’re marketing to people to solve a problem.

Always show the current date

Another thing that you will see is the day’s date. You can use a script to keep your sales page up to date. The reason that people do this is to show the reader that this is current and relevant. Buyers are not going to want something that is old or outdated. They want products that currently work and that are on the cutting edge. It also helps reinforce any urgency or scarcity tactics that you have in place.

Use a story to connect with your audience

Telling a story is one way to appeal to your readers. They want to feel like you understand them and know where they are coming from. That is why on Internet Marketing sales letters you will nearly always read a story where the product creator was broke, homeless, in debt etc., tried lots of different things losing a lot of money in the process, and finally found their breakthrough (it is a story that many people can identify with). If it is a weight loss sales letter the story is usually one where the author was once overweight too like you, but after applying their ‘secret method’ they are now looking fit and healthy.

Personalize the closing too

One of the most important elements of a sales page is the close. You have to close hard, but it can be difficult because you can’t close by shaking the readers hand and looking them in the eye. That is why personalizing the close on the sales page is so important.

Call for action

At the end of the day the people that are coming to your sales page want a solution to a problem and they want results. They want to make more money, save more money, lose weight, quit smoking, whatever the case may be. If you can convey to them that people similar to them with similar problems can use this product and get quick results, well that is what it’s all about.

You have to call for their action. Help me help you by pulling out your credit card and instantly start solving your problems. You’ve introduced the problem or problems to them in your sales copy. You’ve shown them the solution or solutions in your sales page and you have to induce their action to buy. The end solution is that you have a satisfied customer, and built a relationship that will hopefully last with your customer for years to come.