Why People Fail to Make Money Online Despite Reading Many eBooks

If you are one of many people who dedicate themselves to buy at least one make money online ebook or IM guide each week, you might have a problem with making money online. Most people are trying to find out the exact method to make thousands of dollars quickly, and they think that those ebooks can help them. This is where their mindset goes wrong. Instead of wasting money on make money ebooks that you won’t act upon, you should start thinking about investing your money for your business.

Here are 5 reasons why you might be failing in your endeavors to make money online despite spending heavily on ebooks:

1. You are confused with the entire make money online concept


Most people who are buying ebooks after ebooks are the ones who are confused with the entire making money online concept. Of course, you might not be included into this category. But, most people do. They don’t have a clue about how to make a dime online. That’s why they resort to those ebooks to find the golden nugget of information that they can act upon. But, it won’t happen. The problem is not with the ebooks. The problem is within your own mind. You are still thinking that you don’t know a thing about make money online, while in fact you know a lot. You just don’t want to accept the fact that you have to apply your knowledge in order to start seeing result. Reading ebook after ebook won’t solve your problem.

2. You think that you still have a missing point

There is no missing point in your business. What you need is some trial and error in order to prove for yourself what works and what doesn’t. Of course, if something doesn’t work for you, you can try something else. The guide written in many make money ebooks are usually written based on other people’s experience in online business, or worse, they are written simply based on guess work. Do you want to believe those guides? Even if the guide is written based on big guru’s experience, you still can learn much more from your own experience. So, forget the missing point and start your own experiment.

3. You think that you can make quick money with those ebooks

I don’t think so. Yes, you can make a lot of money if you follow a working plan from a good make money ebook, but the money will likely come to you after some period of time. It can be weeks or months later. Just think about it. When you work for a regular 9-5 job, do you get your salary the first day you begin working on your company? Of course not! You’ll get your salary a month later. It’s the same with online business. You will start making money later. You have to work first before you can start seeing result. So, if you think that those ebooks can help you to make quick money online, think again.

4. You are the victim of inertia

Most aspiring online entrepreneurs are the victim of inertia. They enjoy reading books about make money online that they completely forgot to actually make money. Once you’re subscribed to the dreams of internet marketing lifestyle, you want to hear more about the story of successful people who made a good living online. You want to read the story from those people and forget to take the necessary work to make it happen to you. It means that you can’t stop reading because it is your inertia for now. Soon, you’ll get a problem called information overload and it will make you even more attached to the inertia, unless if you do something now.

5. You are not following your own clues

If you want to stop spending lots of money on make money ebooks, then you have to start your own work plan. Give it time to manifest result. Don’t abandon your work plan until you see real result from your effort. Then, whenever you start to see the money trickle into your affiliate account, that’s your clue to follow. That’s what area of online business that you need to explore. That’s where you make your money online. So, don’t disregard your own clues in favor of other people’s guidance. In this way, you will stop your dependence on them and start following your own path in online business.

Those are the reasons why you keep wasting your money on lots of IM stuff. When you understand the reasons above, you will stop spending your money and start investing it instead. So, do yourself a favor and make your dream a reality.