What Is CMS?

Since you are supposed to add content and media files to your website, you need to install a CMS on your server. An online software that lets you manage the content of your website is called CMS or Content Management System. CMS consists of 2 parts, namely, content management application (CMA) and content delivery application (CDA). Through CMA, without having any technical expertise about coding or programming, the author can manage, add, edit and remove the content and other related web materials like media files from a website. Through CDA, all the information can be compiled and updated on the website.

Using CMS, you can easily design a website even if you are not a professional website designer. With minimal knowledge, you can use CMS to make your site appear professional. And you can add, edit or modify content on your own through a user friendly interface.

Features of CMS

Some of the features offered by content management systems are given below:

  • You can make your website look attractive and professional by adding themes to your website.
  • You can create multiple authors and give them rights to add content to your website.
  • You can optimize your website to rank better in search engines.
  • Organizational tools let you archive your articles and your site visitors will be able to search and find anything that interests them.
  • Through RSS feeds, readers can come to know about the latest posts as and when they are published.
  • You can add shopping cart and other e-commerce features to your website.

Which CMS is good for me?

Look out for the following factors while selecting a CMS:

  • It should be easy to use and learn.
  • It should not require you to have advanced programming language.
  • It should have easy to use control panel.
  • It should keep the design elements separate from the content.
  • It should have enough documentation and tutorials.
  • It should have a large and active community.
  • It should be able to meet your specific requirements.