Web Hosting with SEO Tools: How Does It Work?

Many web-hosting companies are now incorporating SEO tools into their bundle of services. They are doing this because SEO has become such a critical aspect of marketing a website and they want to remain competitive. So, what does SEO hosting actually mean, what tools does it include and how does it actually work? Here are 4 different providers of web hosting with SEO tools we have picked up randomly in order to see what their package includes in terms of SEO.

1. Page 1 Hosting

Page 1 Hosting is one of the companies that now incorporate SEO for the benefit of their customers. Their SEO plan includes custom name servers assigned to each of a user’s domains and a WordPress installer. This plan is marketed towards businesses that have a network of blogs. It is also marketed towards businesses whose website does not have many other resources available to them.

2. Google Hosting


The world’s most popular search engine, Google, also offers web hosting complete with integrated SEO tools. SEO for Google allows for a website to be easily indexed within their directory. It also helps users create backlinks that lead Internet users to their website. The Google Blacklist Check ensures that a website does not contain viruses, malware or spyware and will alert the website’s owner immediately upon finding any of these harmful files.

Attracta is an SEO tool that comes free with every one of Google’s shared hosting plans. It can easily be accessed through Google web hosting services. Some of the services offered through Attracta include a keyword rank booster, easy link building and a website listing in each of the 20 most popular search engines in the world.

3. Bluehost

Free Promotional Tools Bluehost is a web hosting tool that provides free SEO help to customers. The SEO tools are built into the program and Bluehost even offers users free analysis provided by companies they have partnered with. Companies can use these tools to determine what search terms their customers most often use in order to find what they are looking for. Users also get access to their ranks within each search engine.

Every Bluehost plan offers free credits to each customer. Those credits can be used to get a company a sponsored placement in all the major search engines. This greatly increases the amount of traffic driven to a particular website.

4. SEO King Hosting

SEO King also provides web hosting that comes with the right tools to promote any website. It answers many questions that most website owners wonder about when they are first starting out. This tool gives users tips and provides them with consultation services. It also reviews the content of a website, search engine tags, images, website theme, navigation, keywords, page development and the finished layout of a website. This is an effective tool to help webmasters create a site that is friendly to both search engines and website visitors. It is a proven fact that more traffic is driven to websites that are easy to navigate than to those who are not.

SEO tools are so important these days and web hosting companies understand the value of helping their customers not only run their sites, but to optimize them as well. Using these tools will help webmasters make their website the best it can be.