Web Hosting Hub Review

Web Hosting Hub is constantly ranked among the top web hosts which can only mean one thing – it’s worth considering this option. Web Hosting Hub offers a single shared hosting service similar to several other competing hosting providers such as JustHost and HostMonster.

Web Hosting Hub focuses on efficiency which is also reflected in its slogan “Get Your Website Online in Minutes”. Its featured section emphasizes the use of one-click installation as well as the convenience of transferring your hosting and domain to Web Hosting Hub. Web Hosting Hub’s angle is not targeting of personal websites or small businesses but more on convenience and the use of applications.


Here is the review of Web Hosting Hub plans in more detail.

Disk space and bandwidth

Web Hosting Hub similar to other shared hosts have no cap on disk storage and bandwidth however it’s acceptable use policy allows them to suspend your account on their discretion if you “excessively” use bandwidth. The term “excessive” has not been specifically described. Typically, the hosting provider would be ideal for personal websites and small businesses comprising of a small number of customers. However, even a small business that has a large online presence and handles a number of requests exclusively online such as payments and support, you may run into some trouble.

Web Hosting Hub is certainly not for websites capturing a relatively large number of visitors on a daily basis, personal or otherwise.


Web Hosting Hub offers unlimited email addresses with the account along with support for 3 web mail options. Most similar shared website hosting companies tend to provide two options; this can be considered an added incentive, particularly if you are going to be heavily utilizing the web mail feature. It also promises “Gmail like” operation of the web mail.


Prioritizing its target market, Web Hosting Hub lays emphasis on small business related features such as the availability of one-click shopping cart options such as Zen cart. Another option is the shared SSL certificate which has become a standard feature of most serious competitors in the shared hosting market.

Besides the typical set of features and enticing initial payment required, Web Hosting Hub has a comparison page where it showcases and contrasts its features against some of the other popular hosts with Web Hosting Hub coming out on top of course.


The Softaculous script installation system is one of the most comprehensive in terms of applications available. Softaculous supports virtually every application, even marginally popular for one-click installation and use. Typically however, the usual popular options such as WordPress and phpBB may be sufficient. However, if you are looking to do something specific such as a customer support system for example, Softaculous entertains a host of different options to experiment with.

Web Hosting Hub places additional emphasis on some of its applications available on Softaculous with dedicated pages to further entice users to sign up. The application is used as bait for them to “get started” with Web Hosting Hub. Dedicated pages have been created for services including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Design and promotion

Besides its non-flexible choice of hosting to choose from, Web Hosting Hub adds added value by providing you with a custom web development solution if required with their in house team of designers. Not only do they support basic web design, they also accommodate requests to market the website using SEO and social media. If you are stumped wanting a custom website but don’t know where to start, you might as well start off by acquiring a quote from Web Hosting Hub. This will give you an instant option for you to get started on your customized design.

Hosting cost

The pricing may not be convenient if you are starting off with pennies looking to pay per month and build up off your ad revenue or sales as you go along however it is certainly worth the price. To compensate for the long term pricing scheme, Web Hosting Hub offers a 90 day full money back guarantee. So if you are skeptical about making a purchase for a year, proceed with confidence as you can always have your money back.

Customer feedback

Customer feedback has been in general very positive with most of them expressing their complete satisfaction with service. Recurring comments have been made on the different mediums of support they provide be it live chat support or their 24 hotline.


Web Hosting Hub is very specific with its target market. Their primary focus is small businesses even though their service would be sufficient to host a intuitive personal blog as well. Web Hosting Hub places strict emphasis on its web applications so if you are looking to run your website using WordPress, Joomla or another content management system, Web Hosting Hub should be a good choice as there would be ample support available.

Web Hosting Hub is known simply for its great service as a web host in terms of uptime, support and reasonable pricing. It does not incorporate any other selling points such as the use of CSR as in the case of certain other hosting companies that position themselves as an eco-friendly business. There is no reason why you shouldn’t get started with it right away if you are someone looking to host a relatively small-scale website.

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