6 Uses of WordPress Apart from Blogging

Most people have a notion that WordPress is a user-friendly platform for creating and managing blogs. However, very less people know that apart from blogging, you can use WordPress for several other types of websites. Here are some unconventional uses of WordPress:

uses of WordPress

1. Managing Projects

Did you know that WordPress is one of the best project management systems? When you have several people working on the same project and if you want all of them to access the same content, you can effectively use WordPress for project management. You can create projects and then create authors to access and work on the same project.

There are plenty of WordPress plugins available for using WordPress as project management system such as CollabPress, WP Project Management Ultimate and WordPress Project.

2. Forum

A forum site or discussion board is a great way to engage people and share information. You can use WordPress to create community sites that can be kept open for public or private on your blog. There are numerous WordPress plugins that allow you to use WordPress as highly interactive forums such as WP-Forum, bb Press, Simple: Press, and Tal. Ki.

3. Auction Site

By creating an auction site on WordPress, you not allow others to sell their stuff and make money but also you, as owner of that site, can rake in good revenue.

4. Help and Support

If your business requires a good help and support platform to serve your clients and customers better, you can rely on WordPress for it. It can be used as ticket system that will let your customers and clients get in touch with you to seek assistance for their issues related to your business.

5. Online Shop

There are plenty of ecommerce sites on the web that helps you create your own store on their site. However, if you do not like the idea of setting up your store on another site, you can create your own online shop on WordPress. With appropriate plugins, you can add features like shopping cart, secure shopping, etc. to your online store. You can serve your customers in a better way by providing them a dedicated shop to purchase your products and services.

6. Q & A or Question Answer Website

Q&A sites like Yahoo! Answers are quite popular. Using WordPress, you can even create your own Q&A site where people can ask their questions and let experts or other people give answers to them. You can keep the site public or private.