Benefits and Disadvantages of Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Shopping for managed versus unmanaged VPS hosting can be intimidating for those who are not technologically savvy. While both are the same physical product, the difference between having someone else manage your Virtual Private Server hosting and doing it on your own is dramatic. Hosting a self-managed VPS is no small undertaking and should be approached with respect and education on the behalf of the purchaser.

Benefits of Unmanaged VPS hosting

The clientele that generally shop for an unmanaged VPS hosting service are people that have the knowledge and can completely service it personally. This means everything, usually, including the installation of the operating system. Some companies will come with a template for an easy installation of an operating system, but the client can expect to pay more. Good companies will sell the product and have warranty information as well as customer support for some issues. They will not be servicing the VPS server with an OS, or any of the technical aspects that are circumvented by choosing to utilize an unmanaged VPS in order to save money.

unmanaged-vps-hostingCompanies and clients will often choose the cheaper unmanaged VPS hosting option because of the enormous price difference. A managed VPS hosting package can cost at least five times as much as an unmanaged package. The difference is clear in regards to the amount of interaction and assistance versus the amount of money spent. It is an accurate ratio from the customer service and care aspect as well as just the financial portion.

However, some companies desperately need the space but have yet to make their bottom line. In instances like this, it would be advantageous for the client to use the unmanaged service at a fraction of the price, and find someone or have an individual on hand that knows what they are doing and will do so at a bargain. Unmanaged VPS hosting packages can even be as low as $10.00 a month. In this sort of case, the business would benefit from the VPS hosting, without the steeper, managed VPS hosting price.

Disadvantages of unmanaged VPS hosting

As always, there is a definite downside to saving money with a cheaper, unmanaged VPS. It is often said that people get what they pay for, and that is great advice to keep in mind when considering this purchase. When using another individual that is known personally, chances are they do not have the certification or insurance that backs the IT professionals that work for the managed VPS hosting companies.

If there is any problem with how the unmanaged VPS hosting is executed by this rogue, supposedly tech savvy individual, it could end up costing the client an enormous amount of money, perhaps even their business. Because of this factor, many clients shy away from unmanaged VPS hosting. The appeal of having assurance from a company, as well as insurance, has a lot of appeal. Even if an individual or a business has access to someone that knows their way around VPS hosting, having the assurance of a company backing the product can offer piece of mind.

Weigh your options carefully

Unmanaged VPS hosting can come for any type of Operating System, depending on the amount of money the client wants to spend. Packages for Linux tend to be cheapest because the operating system itself is open-sourced and cheap, self managed VPS hosting for any Mac OS is veritably an oxymoron.

Companies and individuals looking to utilize VPS hosting need to consider long and hard the risks of having their product unmanaged, which translates to a cheaper, more malleable, but much less guaranteed product. The client that pays “a little” for their hosting needs should be prepared to receive the same return: “a little.”