Types of Web Hosting

There are different types of web hosting services available and it is important to decide on the type of web hosting before launching a website. Depending upon the type and size of your website, you can choose to host your website on a shared server along with other websites (shared hosting), or on a separate, virtual partition of a server divided into multiple partitions (VPS or virtual private server hosting), or on standalone server fully dedicated to your website (dedicated hosting). Here are the different types of web hosting services explained for you.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is the cheapest web hosting that comes with packages usually priced lower than $10 per month. The server here is shared by numerous customers. In other words, multiple websites are hosted on the same server. All the websites use the same resources and bandwidth.


If your website is small and does not get heavy traffic, shared web hosting would be the right way to go. And it can be advantageous in terms of quality as well since you get to host your site on a high configuration server, which otherwise would be unaffordable. However, overselling on a shared server is one of the common problems. If there are too many sites hosted on the same server, it would negatively impact all the websites hosted on it. So, always go for a reputed web host that does not oversell.

VPS Web Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. In this type of web hosting, the server is virtually divided into multiple partitions and you get a separate partition to host your website. Though physically your website would be on the same server as other websites, the partition you are allocated would be functionally equivalent to a separate computer capable of being customized to your requirements. Other websites hosted on the same server will not affect the performance of your website.

A VPS web host allocates a limited amount of resources and bandwidth to each customer. You also get to decide on the server components such as CPU and RAM. For example, if the server is running on 4GHz processor and 4GB RAM, the web hosting company may allot 1GHz CPU and 1GB RAM to each of the 4 customers. Using VPS is like using dedicated hosting at reduced price. By changing your hosting plan, you can also upgrade your resources.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Customers registering for dedicated web hosting are provided with exclusive server by the hosting company. You will be given complete access to your server and no other customer’s website will be hosted on your server. It is the most expensive type of hosting.