5 Simple Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block in Blogging

Writer’s block is very common in blogging. It is the time when you feel confused as to what to write for your next blog post. In other words, it is the time when you don’t have any idea at all about what to write on your blog. If you keep your writer’s block problem for a long time, it will make you feel lazy to blog. You won’t have any motivation to write anything at all. As a result, you will abandon your blog. In the end, you can’t make money with your blog simply because you neglected this minor writer’s block problem in the beginning.

Here are 5 simple tips to prevent writer’s block in blogging:

1. Read a lot of materials about your niche


You can’t write unless you have sufficient ideas in your mind. The easiest way to cultivate lots of ideas to write is to read a lot of materials about your niche. This is what most people call the research phase. But, you shouldn’t do your research only before writing your blog post. You have to do your research all the time. Be so interested with your niche that you will savor all the information you can find about your niche. That will include reading books, watching videos, and visiting websites and blogs that are related with your niche.

2. Schedule your time to write

It is always better to set a determined time for you to write your blog content. For example, if you feel comfortable writing in the night, then set a scheduled time for your blog writing in the night. Setting this schedule is very important because it will let you to work on what you’re supposed to do, which is to blog. If you don’t have any schedule in your hands, your blogging activities will soon wither away. This won’t be good for your career as a blogger.

3. Be sure to “force” your body to write

When it comes the time to write, you have to force your body to write. Open that word processor program and start writing your first sentence. Don’t delay your scheduled writing activity. Most people fail to write their blog post simply because they keep delaying their writing activity. If you have scheduled your time to write, be sure to do the necessary step to start your writing session, no matter what happens.

4. Train your mind to be more disciplined

Keep following your schedule every day. In this way, you will build a good blogging habit that will help you to achieve success in blogging later. But, you have to be persistent in what you’re doing. Scheduling time for writing while ignoring the importance of blogging won’t train your mind to be more disciplined in it. The goal is to build permanent habit that will help you to become a successful blogger.

5. Create a way to write content easier

Most people don’t know what to write in their blog because they don’t know how to write their content easily. From now on, you should create a way to write content for your blog easily. Why do you think websites like eHow.com are so successful? That’s because they have easy template available for their writers. In other words, their writers are simply filling in the blank, which makes them to write their content quickly and easily. It’s the same way with your blog. If you can create an easy way to write your content, which will make your writing as easily as filling in the blank, then you’ll be able to write more content for your blog faster and easier.

Once you’ve eliminated writer’s block from your mind, you’ll have more chance to be a successful blogger because you’ll have conquered the biggest obstacle in blogging.