5 Best Security Plugins for Your WordPress Website

Thousands of plugins can be found on the internet for the most powerful content management system – WordPress. You can also find numerous security plugins that will help keep your site safe and secure. Such plugins will prevent your site from getting hacked. Hence, it should be one of your priorities to install the best WordPress security plugin on your site to protect the precious content and design of your WordPress website. Here are some of the well-known security plugins to make your blog secure:

WordPress security plugins

1. Admin SSL

By using private SSL, Admin SSL allows you to secure your WordPress blog URL. Hence, Admin SSL does well in protecting your WP login page, site administration areas, posts, etc. It even lets you decide where Admin SSL should appear.

2. BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security is a good plugin for protecting your site from various kinds of hacking attempts. It modifies the .Htaccess files of your site and prevents your site from getting hacked or infected by bots. Files like wp-config.php, php.ini and install.php of your blog can be protected with BPS plugin.

3. Limit Login Attempts

Limit Login Attempts is a simple yet very powerful security plugin for your WordPress site. WordPress does not limit the number of login attempts on your login page. This allows hackers to try a combination of passwords to hack into your site. The Limit Login Attemptsplugin will not allow the user to login into the site if he has entered wrong password four times. After installing the plugin, you can customize the number of login attempts a user can make before it blocks the user from making another attempt.

4. Sabre

Sabre stands for Simple Anti Bot Registration Engine. What does it do? It prevents bots from spamming your site by creating fake registrations on your blog. When you allow users to make free registration on your blog, there is a high possibility that bots can create fake users on your site which can be very frustrating and annoying. By installing Sabre plugin, you can put to end to this problem.

5. Secure WordPress

Secure WordPress is the best plugin available for you to secure the WordPress installation process. Members on your site whom you have not granted administration rights and your site visitors will never come to know which WordPress version you are using. It can effectively block all the bad queries that can be detrimental to your site.