7 Fatal Sales Page Mistakes that Can Substantially Lower Your Conversion Rate

Writing compelling sales page is one essential step to achieve high conversion rate. In order to write compelling sales page for your product, you have to write your sales page efficiently. There are few mistakes that can prevent your audience from buying your product. What are those? Here are 7 biggest mistakes people often make on their sales page. Check out if you too are making any of them.

1. Opt-in subscription

Let’s face it. You’re selling product, not offering a free download. In your sales page, don’t ever put your opt-in subscription. Why? That’s because you want people to buy your product, not to download your free stuff. You can put your opt-in subscription anywhere else within your website, but certainly not on your sales page.

2. Unnecessary long talks


Don’t make your sales page too long, or else people will stop reading in the middle. The reason that makes a sales page too long is usually because of unnecessary and repetitive talks. Don’t fill your sales page with fluff. Tell your readers what they need to know about the product in the most straightforward way.

3. Offensive language

Your product needs to be able to help your audience to solve their problem. In helping them, you should lead them slowly and very carefully. You should make them realize their problem as well as realize that there is a good solution to solve their problem. Offensive languages will only make your audience feel bad, and it will hurt your sales conversion. So, if you are using offensive languages in your sales page, be sure to change it to a more constructive and empathetic languages.

4. Any pop-up page

You shouldn’t bother your audience with unnecessary pop-up page in your sales page. No matter what it is, pop-up page will only annoy your visitors. Also, it will only disturb their concentration in reading your sales message. So, don’t bother your audience with your pop-up and let them read your sales copy from start to finish without any disturbance.

5. Ego writing

In your sales page, you have to write for your audience. Your sales page needs to be about how your product can help solve your audience’s problem. It’s not about how great your product is. It’s about the benefits of your product. So, stay away from ego writing, where you write about me, me, and only me. You have to start writing for your audience: you, you, and you.

6. Fake proof and testimonials

People are getting smarter day by day, and they can spot any fake proofs and testimonials several miles away. If your sales page contains any fake claims about your product, then your visitors can see it immediately. If you do this, you will only hurt your reputation, and your product will not have outstanding conversion. So, be sure to be honest in presenting your product. Don’t give your audience any misleading fake claims.

7. Hype and unrealistic guarantees

The last thing to note is that you need to remove any hype and unrealistic guarantee in your sales page. Why you should promote your product with hype? It’s just exaggeration and people know that it isn’t true. You should promote your product by displaying your unique selling point, not just creating hype around it. Also, unrealistic guarantee such as “I will personally double your money back if this product can’t meet its claim” will only strengthen the hype-factor of your product.

If you find any of these things, unload them from your sales page right away. They are the reasons behind the low conversion rate of many sales pages. Change the way you present your product in your sales page and you’ll be able to improve your conversion rate significantly.