Few Things to Keep in Mind While Researching on a Profitable Niche

Although some people prefer to market to a number of small niches, it is nearly always more profitable to stick with just one or two large niches. The main advantage of this is that you can build a massive, targeted list of repeat buyers. It also allows you to become an expert in your market. Not only are the quality of your products going to be better because you know so much about the market, but you will also find it easier to keep your subscribers happy because you are an expert on your topic.


You have to find a market that has a lot of different niches that you can divide the market into and then be able to break them down even further. You must also be able to find a huge market where people are willing to buy information products. Where can you find these markets? Everywhere you look, there are large groups of people interested in one particular topic – sports, fitness and weight loss, internet marketing, health, and the like.

An example of a good market would be to market to business owners. They have money to spend and they always want to improve their business. They are always looking for ways to improve their sales, make things run more smoothly and easier.

Another great thing about it is that you can break the market down into so many different niches and sub-niches. You can talk about improving sales, but what sales? Retail Sales? Services? Restaurant? Electronics?

There are countless others, you go ahead and choose one or come up with others to write about. You could write about customer service. Making customer service easier, getting your customers to come back, getting your customers to stay happy after purchase etc. You could talk about employees. Keeping your employees happy, getting more out of your employees, hiring better employees etc. You could write about any one of these topics.

You want to be in a market where it’s easy to brainstorm and find things to write about. You obviously want to do some research on your ideas and research the competition, but at least you don’t have to be stumped when it comes to finding something to write about.

Another profitable market is the fitness market. Not just weight loss or staying fit, but also expand it to weight lifting and even sports. Golf is a good niche because there are a lot of people who are fanatical about their golf game. They are always looking to improve their game. They want to improve their driving off the tee or their iron game or their putting etc. They also have a lot of money to spend. It takes quite a bit of money to golf, they have expensive memberships, the equipment is expensive, they have to rent carts etc.

It is also a good thing to find a market where there are always changes going forward. The reason that you want changes in your market is that it’s going to give you more things to write about. There will always be updates and new information that you can write about and get out to people. This is great when you have a list because you get to keep them up to date with cutting edge information and secrets.