Laser Target Your Traffic with Market Samurai Keyword Research Tool

We have been in the Internet Marketing space for several years now. We have used products that were both, wonderful and downright awful, cheap and expensive, and everything in the middle. We wish we would have known what worked and what didn’t before pouring in our hard-earned money on duds. Here is one Internet marketing product that we use every day and feel have helped us to work more efficiently driving higher profits!


Market Samurai – This is one that we use almost every day. It is a great tool for keyword research. Want to know how many searches a certain keyword gets? It can do that. Want to find THOUSANDS of similar keywords and be able to take out and keep keywords using negative and/or positive keywords? That too! We love Market Samurai and have found it to also be great at rank tracking. You can track ten keywords for free and get weekly updates.

The price for more keyword tracking is affordable, for those who need more. There are many updates, fixing both bugs and adding features. With purchase of Market Samurai, you get lifetime updates. There are many other features, including SEO competition comparison, domain search, affiliate program search and others! The price isn’t bad: $149. We have recouped that price many times over with the keyword tool only!

Here is an example of the use of the keyword tool for a recent project we did for “bluehost coupon”.

1. We start a project by typing in the keyword.

2. Then we can select the settings of our keyword search.

Since we obviously would want keywords that are for “bluehost” hosting, we will include that word in our positive words. These are words that must be present in a keyword phrase to stay in our list for analysis.

3. We will then have the list of keywords.

4. After we have our keywords, we will want to analyze the keywords to see which we would want to target for SEO purposes. We do this by pressing the “keyword analysis” button.

After we have done this, we know which keywords we want to target. You should generally consider keywords that have traffic and aren’t competitive as those you should go after. This tool allows you to find these keywords in a matter of minutes, which cuts down on hours of time spent doing research. This is one of the reasons that we LOVE Market Samurai. You should check them out if you are interested in cutting down your time spent in doing keyword research. This has let us spend more time on building our brand and traffic!