JustHost Web Hosting Plans and Review

JustHost offers a simple hosting solution just like its name. It is one of the most prominent names in the hosting industry with a number of internet marketers pushing its affiliate program to users due to its enticing package. Most of the times you’ll find them running promotional offers, enabling you to buy unlimited shared hosting for as low as $2.95 per month.


The Hosting Package

For about $7 a month, you get the standard set of shared hosting features. Disk space, bandwidth and other quantity based features have been described as unlimited however its disk space and bandwidth are strictly limited based on its usage policy. Any traffic that is unusually high will be penalized based on their automatic and human monitors that manage server traffic. As long as you are handling a relatively small amount of traffic and not using your server in a manner that will heavily tax the other users on the system such as for video sharing or file hosting for example, you shouldn’t have any issues in terms of bandwidth and disk space limitations.

The package is also equipped with unlimited email addresses, domains, sub-domains and email forwarding. It also offers a range of database and CGI options such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ruby On Rails and Flash Support. Just Host is only hosted on Linux based servers which may limit your use depending on the type of programming that your website accommodates. If you have developed a website based on ASP.Net for example, you will have to choose another host.


Just Host also offers extensive support for third party software and scripts which can be used to get started with your website in a matter of minutes. Whether it is a blog, portal or forum; there are script solutions available to construct a site offering professional accessibility, features and visual appeal. There is also support for a number of shopping cart solutions as well as a shared SSL certificate that you can utilize in order to get started running your own business and selling your own products on your own terms.

Money-back Guarantee

Just Host’s money back guarantee is more of a refund policy where they refund the remainder of your term if you choose to discontinue the service after a few months on a monthly term. They do not however, provide your money back as the guarantee would have you believe, of the months you have already utilized. This is one reason why there is no risk with opting for a yearly term when signing up for Just Host.

Reseller Hosting

If you are intrigued by the world of hosting and are considering embarking on your own web hosting venture, Just Host’s reseller hosting package may be a good start. With Just Host’s reseller hosting, you get to use your own brand name and set your own prices while the rest of the back operation is handled by Just Host’s servers. You are given different packages to choose from in terms of disk space and bandwidth allocation starting from $19.95 per month. Each package gives you limited resources to work with giving you a restricted number of users that you can resell the hosting package to. With adequate promotion, it may be possible to run a successful hosting business and make yourself a decent buck.

Customer Feedback

Just Host is used by hundreds of thousands of users due to heavy promotion of the service by large-scale review websites and niche content websites pushing the company to its site visitors. The response has been typically satisfactory however there have been some distinctive, recurring complaints:

  • The web hosting industry is a highly volatile one with stiff competition and unsure forecasts on sales. Several web hosting companies have merged over the past and Just Host was also merged after being known as HostClear in the past. This transition led to a lot of unhappy customers for a number of reasons. This is bound to happen due to the transitioning of servers as well as company policies that can affect the provision of certain features.
  • Customer support for Just Host has also been criticized a number of times for their delay in response as well as their lack of comprehensiveness in answering responses. However, it should be noted that overall response on customer service is mixed with some users claiming that support is excellent.
  • Another complaint is the renewing price being drastically different from the initial purchase. Most users tend to choose Just Host for its very reasonable price and good value. This has led to low customer retention with a lot of users shifting hosting providers when renewal is due.

The aforementioned are some of the aspects that need to be considered before considering Just Host as your hosting partner. It should be understood that these complaints are from a handful of users among several thousands that they manage on a daily basis. Your best bet would be to try out their service for yourself once and discontinue the service for a refund if at all you are not satisfied.