Advantages of Joomla VPS Hosting and When to Go for It

VPS, short for virtual private server, is a virtual server that is often sold to website owners through a hosting service provider. The VPS host is going to run on its own operating system, and in this case, for people who use the Joomla design software for their website, it is possible to host the Joomla service on a VPS server. However, before you decide to go about hosting your website using this particular method, it is important to know what the service is able to offer and what kind of features it can provide you over an actual dedicated server. From there, it is possible to determine if the Joomla VPS hosting is the best way to go or whether you should look towards a different form of running your website.

When to use VPS Hosting for Joomla


This is generally best for a website that is a growing website over its starter days and it needs more server space over when it was sharing it along with other websites, but it is not yet up to the point of needing a specific, dedicated server in order to properly work. A good amount of this has to deal with the amount of traffic the website receives and who visits the website. All of this is very important and is going to help you determine if this is the best option.

It essentially works as a middle ground between the shared server and the larger, dedicated server for one website. Opting into the Joomla VPS hosting server is going to cost less money than using a dedicated server, which is good for a business that is looking to save money and grow slowly. It is still easy enough to move from the Joomla VPS host to a dedicated host, but for the time being, it can prove rather helpful, especially if it does not look like the website is going to drastically increase in size, available information and viewership.

Advantages over dedicated server hosting

There are several key advantages the virtual hosting has over what a dedicated host is able to offer. For starters, it is going to provide ‘unlimited’ hosting. Because the host is virtual, it is basically going to load on every single computer that accesses it and turn it into a virtual server of its own. Because of this, there really is no limit to the number of people who can access the content directly at the same time, which can sometimes become a problem with a dedicated host.

The Joomla VPS hosting also provides control of the server configuration and dedicated resources for running the website. When sharing a dedicated server, this simply is not possible. As all other websites that are using the server are going to have a say in how it functions, there really is no way for you to alter or change this kind of service at all. Thankfully though, the virtual server allows you to tailor make it specifically to the services required.

A dedicated server is going to be both far more in terms of monthly service fees, not to mention you are going to receive a large boost in RAM for the server, but chances are you are not going to need all of this RAM, which means you basically are paying for services that you don’t need. Joomla VPS hosting is a cheap alternative and it is going to give you the benefits you are looking for. You are still sharing a physical server with others, but you have unlimited hosting and you save money as well.