InMotion Hosting Review – Scalable Hosting with Options Galore

InMotion Hosting has been in the market since 2001 and has come a long way to become one of the reliable web hosting providers. It claims to provide up to six times faster hosting than its competitors. It is said that most of its customers consist of those who were dissatisfied from their previous web host, and after moving over to InMotion Hosting, they do not ever think of switching over to any other hosting company.

Fast and Reliable Hosting

It has multiple datacenters located in the US including Bryan in Ohio, Marina del Rey in California and Fresno in California, to name a few. It has also built an eco-friendly data center at Los Angles, California. You get the flexibility to choose a datacenter of your choice, so that you can go for one located nearer to your target audience for faster performance.

inmotion-hostingThe company has also tied up with the leading internet service providers and peering exchanges, thus creating direct data connections, which in turn results in higher speed. The servers are equipped with Linux and Unix operating systems, and are monitored round the clock for security and other untoward incidents. The datacenter officials regularly perform benchmarking tests such as speed tests and performance tests to monitor the hardware and software.

Hosting Plans and Options

InMotion Hosting offers a wide variety of plans and packages. You can avail of shared, VPS, as well as dedicated server hosting. Each of these hosting is offered through multiple plans, so that you can select one that best suits your requirement. In case you go for a lower package and your requirements go up in future, you can easily upgrade your plan; thus scalability becomes a big plus here.

Most of the shared hosting plans come with unlimited server space and monthly data transfer. But the number of websites you can host varies with each plan. Data backup, spam protection, premium web design tools, secure email, Max Speed Zone, etc. are some of its hallmark features. It also provides support to transfer over your website with zero downtime.

Customer Support and Satisfaction

It has an experienced support team that works 24×7. The support center is enriched with many email and video tutorials, education channels and community support. You can ask for help through various means like live chat, email, phone call and support ticket submission.


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