HostGator 1 Penny Coupon Code 2015

HostGator 1 penny coupon code will allow you to buy HostGator hosting for just 1 cent or 1 penny for the first month. This promo code will give you $9.94 OFF on any order not exceeding $49.70. So, if you buy the Hatchling Plan or the Baby Plan, and use this discount coupon, it will bring down your cost to just one penny.


Here’s the trick to get HostGator 1 month hosting for just $0.01:

  1. Visit HostGator website
  2. Choose Package type as: Hatching or Baby
  3. Choose Billing Cycle as: 1 month
  4. Uncheck all the additional services
  5. Use coupon code: WDHOSTGATORPENNY

Note that this coupon works only for new customers.

If you want to buy hosting for more than 1 month and your billing amount is more than $49.70, then you should use the HostGator 25% OFF discount coupon: WDHOSTGATOR25

Why Choose HostGator?

If you are in the market to get some reliable hosting then you simply cannot go wrong with the HostGator. Their hosting is quite literally one of the best in the world. Thousands of satisfied customers are testament to this fact.

They are incredibly robust and very reliable. They’ve been offering hosting since 2002 when the founder Brent Oxley set the company up from his University Dorm at Florida Atlantic University, With up to 400 employees they certainly mean business, and that wealth of experience is what you’ll instantly see when you take up their services.

For one cent you get access to a company that provides rock-solid servers that are monitored all year round constantly for any potential problems. They offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee on your website, and this speaks for itself.

If your website was losing sales at $100 an hour you’d be pretty annoyed if your site was down for 24 hours! That’s not the case if your site is hosted at Host Gator; so it makes perfect sense to try out the HostGator 1 penny coupon, even if it is simply for a trial period. You won’t be disappointed. Probably, that’s why their Crocodile logo has a huge smile on his face!

They’ve also won numerous awards. Serving more than 5 million websites, HostGator is commended for their customer support; they’ve managed to keep that personal touch in all of their interactions with you, despite being a huge organization.

Even if you don’t know how to set up a site, or you need a site transferring from elsewhere, HostGator is the company to choose. Their customer support is superb and will help you at every stage of your journey.

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