FatCow Coupon Code 2015

FatCow discount coupon code allows you to get unlimited shared hosting plans from FatCow at a highly discounted price. As per the current promo going on, you can save a whopping 60% and get hosting for mere $49 per year.

Current Promotion: $49/year (60% OFF)


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Why choose FatCow for your web hosting requirements?

Plenty of web hosting providers have plans situated for the beginner, advanced and more seasoned webmaster. FatCow completely removes the problem with tiered pricing; instead they offer a single web hosting plan that’s both suited for the beginners and seasoned webmasters alike. Yes, FatCow offers just one hosting package. Their internet hosting package currently includes:

  • Unlimited add-on domains on a single internet hosting account
  • Unlimited POP mailboxes
  • Unlimited content database creation, using web languages like MySQL
  • Unlimited bandwidth/disk space
  • Unlimited information updates/newsletters through emails

The hosting provider works to eliminate the pitfalls found with other providers on the Internet. Their services meet the web’s established standards of quality and helps eliminate the prospect of security threats. They’re also a green hosting provider, using energy credits to reduce their energy consumption in office and their vast data centers. Webmasters who choose FatCow ultimately leave little negative impact on the environment.


In addition, their customer service stands by on a 24/7 basis, dedicating themselves to offering top-notch customer support to their paying members. In fact, they actually pledge to serve the customers better.

FatCow also offers 99 percent uptime guarantee for your website. And you also get a free domain along with your web hosting plan. Just in case you face any issues with their hosting and don’t want to continue with it anymore, they have you covered with their 30-day money back guarantee. So, you’ve absolutely nothing to lose.

Are there any FatCow coupon codes available for this year?

Web hosting promo codes are a great way to reduce cost of a web hosting plan, and FatCow is no different. FatCow’s sole web hosting costs not even $50 per year using the promo codes. Since this discount is not based on any event, you don’t know how long it lasts. So, our sincere advice is – don’t let it slip through your hands. Go for it now!


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