What Is Dedicated Hosting?

Shared and VPS hosting services offer limited resources on a single server that hosts hundreds of websites owned by other people. If the server faces frequent downtime, your site will also face the same issue since it is on the same server. Also, if your site is receiving heavy traffic, the resources offered by your shared or VPS hosting provider will not be enough for your site to run smoothly. In such situations, you should consider moving over to a dedicated server.

What is dedicated hosting?

When you avail of a dedicated service, you will be allotted with an entire server for your website. You will have complete control over the server. You can choose the hardware and software according to your preference. The server allotted to you will be exclusive to your usage and it will not be shared with anyone else. It is expensive compared to shared and VPS hosting.

What are its Benefits?

Hosting your site on a dedicated server has a whole lot of benefits.

  • dedicated-hostingAll of the resources like CPU, RAM, disk space, etc. are exclusively meant for your usage; they are not shared with anybody else.
  • You can customize your hardware, operating system and software according to your choice.
  • You can upgrade the server configuration whenever you want.
  • Since there is enough resource available, you will not face server downtime due to issues like your website exhausting the allotted quota of disk space or monthly bandwidth.
  • Since the server is not shared with anybody else, you can enjoy higher level of security.
  • You can have your own IP address; it comes handy when you go for SSL.

Who should go for it?

Going dedicated is suitable for large businesses, online stores and other sites that receive high traffic. Website owners go for it when they require special server configuration, complete access and control over the server, high security, more resources, and installation of special software that cannot be availed through shared or VPS hosting.

What to look for?

Since you have control on choosing the CPU, RAM, hard disk, operating system, etc., you should talk about it in detail with your web hosting provider. Even though dedicated server users do not face downtime and security issues, you should not miss out talking about it with the hosting company. Technical support takes more prominence in dedicated web hosting; so see to it that it is by your side round the clock 24/7 through various ways like phone, live chat, email, etc.