What You Should Know Before Buying Cheap cPanel VPS Hosting

Currently, cPanel is the overall worldwide choice among web hosting service participants in terms of a control panel. Approximately 70% of this market is located within the United States. One advantage for web users attempting to make the best choice of cPanel selection is that a vast variety of web hosts, webinars, tutorials, technical advice and forms are constantly available on the Internet for assistance 24/7/365.

Basically, cPanel is for use in administration and continual management of one website. However, for Web users with active VPS (virtual private server) accounts, cPanel comes with inclusion of WHM (Web Host Manager), facilitating users to manage a server operating in a reseller Web business. With WHM, these users can configure their servers and easily assume management of multiple client Web hosting accounts.


Features to expect in cheap VPS hosting with cPanel

Even cheap cPanel VPS will provide users with adequate features for handling client hosting needs when combined with WHM. Some of these basic features include:

  • Creating hosting accounts for clients;
  • Establishing hosting packages including bandwidth specifications along with disk space;
  • Finalizing features provided for shared Web hosting accounts.

Inexpensive cPanel VPS with WHM capacity offers graphically sophisticated web screens to manage both simple and more difficult or complicated functions. With WHM capabilities on a VPS, users can create shared client hosting accounts and also create and initiate sales of reseller accounts. WHM affords users the added convenience and benefit of being able to configure a VPS in the same way they configure a dedicated server.

By use of the WHM interface, they can set a hostname for the server and make assignment of IP addresses as well as name servers. They can also easily configure mail servers. Even cheap cPanel VPS will provide your online business with such necessary features and functions as: system security and backup, email services, cluster and remote access, remote file access and transfers, constant remote system updates, and complex remote voice and phone services.

Why go for cheap cPanel VPS?

There are many reasons why online companies and other web users choose to use a cheap cPanel VPS service; here are the major ones:

  • It is not difficult to obtain adequate cPanel functionality at a reduced price because one universal aspect of the cPanel purpose and design is simplicity. cPanel is structured and intended for use by beginners to Web hosting services along with more experienced users. Manufacturers and sales companies dealing in cPanel all provide help program software and tutorials or tech support services.
  • More expensive cPanels do come with additional features and functions that cheap ones do not offer. However, this may not necessarily be an advantage. When online business owners run busy enterprises as professional Web hosting and virtual private service providers, they may find many extra features to be cumbersome and time-consuming. Unless these additional capabilities enhance business and profits on a regular basis, they may not be worth the extra cost to many VPS service providers.
  • Extra cPanel service capabilities may also confuse and even discourage new customers for cPanel VPS service providers. Especially for newcomers to use of this helpful Web hosting service, reliable basic services may seem much more useful and attractive than more complex features. Even for seasoned users of professional cPanel VPS service, a plan that focuses on the most basic, tried-and-true functionality may win out over services offering additional capacities.
  • Numerous apps are now available in online app stores to improve current features and expand functions of other features already supported by simple cPanel VPS services. For this reason, many customers, both old and new, may prefer purchasing a simple and cheap cPanel VPS service instead of a more complex and expensive one.

Who should look for more expensive cPanel VPS?

Some Internet users with web-based businesses or personal interest websites requiring cPanel VPS services may favor more expensive and complex user capabilities. For example, their reseller business clients with multiple sites may be involved with diverse products offered internationally, various purchase and ordering options, varied types and choices of shipping and delivery and even individual customized order specifications requiring varied lengths of time to process and complete. For these product or service resellers, a wide variety of managed VPS features may be a necessity for smooth, successful business operations. The most efficient VPS managed server options for these business owners and operators would most likely be a cPanel VPS service with moderate to high feature and functionality complexity.

However, an online company with a single website and basic linear operational design will need only a basic, cheap cPanel VPS for business success. Today, the main companies still benefiting from use of unmanaged VPS services are mid-sized to large companies or corporations with different departments that are well-staffed with employees trained in all necessary aspects of server features management. In addition, these large businesses usually have a highly competent IT staff to handle all technical issues and problems that may arise.