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5 Benefits of Hiring a WordPress Designer

WordPress is such a user-friendly and easy-to-use blogging software that you will hardly feel any need to have somebody to set up a WordPress blog for you. This is especially so when your hosting control panel is loaded with auto installer softwares like Fantastico, ...Read More

6 Uses of WordPress Apart from Blogging

Most people have a notion that WordPress is a user-friendly platform for creating and managing blogs. However, very less people know that apart from blogging, you can use WordPress for several other types of websites. Here are some unconventional uses of WordPress: 1. Managing ...Read More

How to Stop Self Pingbacks in WordPress

Pings are a lot helpful if something relevant links to you but what if you start pinging yourself; isn’t it a bit annoying? It feels so weird to ping oneself, why would anybody wish to ping their own previously published posts? – Especially when ...Read More