Which Is the Best CMS?

CMS or content management system helps you add and manage content on your site in an easy and organized manner. Without a proper CMS, keeping track of your content (text, images, design, etc.) can get real messy and almost impossible in many cases. There are a number of content management systems (CMS) available – free (or open source) as well as the paid ones. However, you need to find the most suitable CMS to meet your requirements. Here are 3 of the best, free CMS you can use for your website.

1. WordPress

WordPress is the most preferred CMS. Whether you want to create a simple, basic site, a blog, or a more advanced online shopping site or a social networking site, you can do it all with WordPress. The best thing about WordPress is that there thousands of themes, plugins and widgets available that can increase the functionality of your site. Added to this is the advantage of a huge community of developers always ready to help you with almost anything.

wordpressThrough its intuitive control panel, you can add themes (for looks and layout) and plugins (for increased functionality). WordPress also makes it easy to optimize your site for search engines. Ease of installation is yet another advantag

Many web hosts today, like ipage come with automatic WP installer as well.

Once you have set up WordPress, all you need to do is type /wp-login after your website URL (for example: abc.com/wp-login) and then sign in. You will then see the WordPress dashboard. From here you can easily create, add, edit and delete posts, media files, links, pages, plugins, etc..

2. Joomla

joomlaSome of the world famous companies like Linux, MTV, IHOP, etc. have their websites built on Joomla. From making inventory control system sites to complex business sites, you can do it all with Joomla. It has an active community, and enough tutorials and documentations are available. You can customize your site by adding plugins

3. Drupal

drupalDrupal is also used by famous companies like Sony Music, Popular Science, and Digital Dollhouse. It comes with various tools for keeping your site’s content organized. With active community on its side, you will never fall short of information to use and customize Drupal to meet your needs. Also, you can find numerous Drupal add-ons.