A Small Orange Web Hosting Review

A few web hosting companies have taken the daring route and embarked on a branding strategy against the norm of what most web hosting companies tend to lean towards. The branding of most hosting websites is rather bland, with a standard list of features and “special offers” to entice you to make that purchase. A Small Orange however, goes against the grain for a fruity surprise, and we mean that literally!


Their graphics are based on metaphors of hosting related to oranges with refreshingly informal language used to describe their hosting plans. Their shared hosting plans for example range from “tiny” to “super”. It’s not just the branding however that is refreshing; A Small Orange has gained considerable popularity in recent times for its unparalleled customer service.

Shared Hosting

A Small Orange likes to keep things simple and transparent. All hosting plans are described in specific detail so that you will know exactly what you will get without any nasty surprises. Their smallest plan starts at just $35 per year with storage of 250MB and 5GB of bandwidth. This may appear as one of the cheapest shared hosting plans you have come across however most web hosts provide a free domain with the service while with A Small Orange, hosting needs to be purchased separately for $15 a year and up depending on the type of domain you are looking for as well as other features such as private registration. Shared hosting is available as high as $30 a month with 25GB of storage and 500 GB of bandwidth.

This may seem pricey and it is for shared hosting, if your website is quickly gaining ground and clocking an exponential increase in traffic, you should consider opting for a VPS hosting plan instead which would only cost you a tad more. Apart from the $35 yearly plan, pricing for other plans are displayed on a monthly basis where what you see is what you get. A monthly plan for the price advertised and two months free if you choose to purchase the plan on a yearly term. This again adds to their transparency as most services tend to display prices on a monthly basis but the price on display would generally be on an annual term where the actual monthly term would be more expensive.

Business Hosting

Their cloud based business hosting plans start from just $20 a month. Again, specifications are transparently provided so that you know what you are signing up for. You get 10GB and 100GB for their $20 per month plan. Each plan is provided with a basic descriptions explaining for what type of business website it would be ideal for. Additionally, besides the standard features of VPS hosting, you are given a free SSL certificate which is virtually mandatory for online businesses which would typically require payment processing. Business hosting is also equipped with a free domain name for a year unlike shared hosting plans giving you added value. If you are looking for a reliable business hosting plan, your search ends here. Being cloud based provides added resistance against spikes in traffic reducing the chances of downtime.

Cloud VPS Hosting

If you are specific and know exactly what you want, A Small Orange’s VPS cloud hosting option may be the best for you. You are present with a “package slider” where you have the option of moving the slider depending on the quantity you require in terms of disk space, bandwidth, RAM, CPU performance and other aspects. The price ranges from $35 per month to $150.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is divided into two options, hybrid or dedicated hosting. Hybrid server is virtually a scaled down version of a fully equipped dedicated server a 150 GB hard disk, 2GB of RAM and 1.5 TB of bandwidth. This plan starts at $100 a month with two more options offering more power available. Dedicated servers start from $175 a month with a powerhouse of features and processors capable of delivering a ton of requests at a time. This includes 5 free IPs on all plans and 3.2 terabytes of bandwidth.

Reseller Hosting

If you want to give a shot at starting your own hosting service, using their reseller hosting plans may be a good start. Their reseller hosting packages start from $15 a month for 30 hosted websites, this may seem rather unimpressive however with A Small Orange you get exactly what you pay for instead of any hidden fees that other companies tend to burden you with.

Why Choose A Small Orange as Your Web Hosting Partner?

There are several reasons why A Small Orange makes a great web host. Here are the main ones:

Daily backups: A Small Orange provides daily backups on all their hosting plans making it one of the most secure options to choose from. Most hosting providers accommodate a backup procedure only for you to find out once your server has been hacked that your latest available backup is a month old. A Small Orange offers frequent backups to ensure that your hard work is not lost due to an unforeseeable incident.

Script installation: A Small Orange uses a system known as “Softaculous” to manage installation of scripts and content management systems. Softaculous possesses a solution for virtually any type of site you want to host. Taking a look at the software directory will reveal a number of software that you may not have heard of in the past.

Unparalleled support: A Small Orange has dedicated staff round the clock to handle your inquiries. A query via email will be greeted by a detailed, specific response within minutes of sending the question. Unlike other hosting providers support that usually respond with stock answers that may or may not answer your question, replies from A Small Orange are to the point and will certainly clear your issue.

If you were skeptical due to their unpopularity, you don’t have to be! Get started with A Small Orange now!